Vanessa Kettering, Ph.D


Founding partner, positive developmental psychologist, and well-being mentor.

Vanessa is committed to a life well lived full of good work, community and connectedness. She is dedicated to helping her clients create the conditions for flourishing in their lives. Each modality she uses encourages parasympathetic nervous system activity (think: relaxation, rest & digest), which in turn allows the space for minds and bodies to heal. She specializes in patient empowerment. Helping to heal the healthcare system, one patient, provider or practice at a time. Vanessa earned her Ph.D in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University.

She thrives when she is interacting with motivated individuals and groups of engaged learners. Some of her recent presentations and courses include:

Mindfulness in Psychology, Mount St. Mary’s University

Keynote Address: Grad School + Life – Self-Care = Burnout, Claremont University Consortium

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness (Annual Presentation), Claremont Graduate University

Cultivating Emotional Balance Through Mindfulness, Myra House Holistic Living Center

Optimal Experience: How Flow Facilitates Creativity and Well-Being, Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center

Tedx Claremont Colleges: Meditation as Medicine


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